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StradVision is an industry pioneer in vision processing technology, accelerating the advent of fully autonomous vehicles. With more than 100 employees in our San Jose, Seoul, and Tokyo offices, we address industry’s challenges via our expertise in deep learning, embedded platforms, perception, and advanced algorithm on a daily basis.



Hongmo Je



Hongmo Je is StradVision's Chief Technology Officer and a board member. Before joining StradVision, he was a Senior Engineer at Intel Korea, Research Head at Olaworks Inc and Senior Engineer at Samsung SDS.

Junhwan Kim


Ph.D. & CFA


Junhwan Kim is StradVision's Chief Executive Officer and a board member. Before joining StradVision, Junhwan Kim, spearheaded Olaworks, a facial recognition company, which became the first Korean company ever to be acquired by Intel. 

Sunny Lee



Sunny Lee is StradVision's Chief Operating Officer. She is a Wharton graduate specialized in mobility strategy. She led Naver Labs' mobility section as the product owner and was a senior analyst at A.T. Kearney

Hyungtae Kim



VP Finance

Hyungtae Kim is StradVision's Vice President of Finance. He is a HKICPA/KICTA and before joining StradVision, he was an Operation Chief at Renault Samsung Motors and Director at Samil PwC.

Jaewon Sung



VP Engineering

Jaewon Sung is StradVision's Vice President of Engineering. Before joining StradVision, he was a Principal Engineer at Samsung S-1 and a Senior Engineer at LG Electronics.

Bongjin Jun



R&D Director

Dr. Bongjin Jun is the founder of StradVision and is currently directing its R&D. Before founding the company, he was a Senior Engineer at Intel Korea, Algorithm Engineer at Olaworks, Inc., and Senior Engineer at Samsung SDS.