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SVNet External

SVNet enables external vehicle perception via 14+ platforms, accurately and safely detecting and recognizing objects. Also, it was the first network to run deep learning based object detection software on TDA2x, V3H, V3M, and H3.

Hardware Agnostic

SVNet is not only required minimum computation and electricity requirement but also is a hardware-agnostic solution that can service whatever needs of our clients. It is currently on 14+ platforms from 5 different companies. Whether the target platform is already on the market or in R&D, StradVision can make SVNet fully operational in no-time. SVNet was the first Deep Learning-based perception algorithm ever to be ported onto TI TDA2x and Renesas' V3H, V3M, and H3.



There are more than three dozen functions and applications that can be executed by SVNet. Also, SVNet can handle and be optimized to whatever new functions our clients require. All this is possible due to SVNet's sophisticated architecture.

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